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Subject Author Category Views Replies   Last Post
GeneralJikbar jarhead1080 Server 4 0
by jarhead1080
Hackers: GeneralJikbar und URDAC Server: Silk/Road Only Yoshi71234 Server 51 0
by Yoshi71234
unban request Staggerlee Server 27 2
by Staggerlee
[unban request] L4ndk3ks L4ndk3ks Server 14 0
by L4ndk3ks
unban request MikiVeliki Server 23 1
by Depart33
Unban request SleaZow Server 26 1
by MikiVeliki
Ban appeal
nadjibl Server 102 9
by MikiVeliki
Server 2 Depart33 Server 44 7
by hoschi6x
Admin Bewerbung Ragnar Ragnarlolbroek Admin Recruiting 65 2
by Ragnarlolbroek
PaulchenPanzer00 BAN ABUSER (recorded) bluishift Battlefield4 37 4
by Landser_FD
"iiiGoubaiii" Baseraping (mit Beweis) Godax Server 18 1
by 2low-Roterfred
Redzone-Camper Godax Server 13 0
by Godax
Bewerbung zum Ingame-Admin Godax Admin Recruiting 27 2
by Godax
Report wegen Beleidigung (mit Beweis) Godax Server 12 0
by Godax
I want to be an Admin! Pewkey Admin recruiting 37 3
by Ragnarlolbroek
Proposal for second DB map Ragnarlolbroek Server 26 3
by Ragnarlolbroek
Kicked for insult ??? fk97440 Server 12 0
by fk97440
Wie Frage ich ob ich entbannt werde! Sturmkraehe Server 322 8
by Kowhibo
Appeal the ban Tcash Server 43 12
by Tcash
Players that absolutely need a permanent ban on our server MadEagle8 Server 81 14
by Ragnarlolbroek
Moskito05 TEAM VEHICLE STEALER + ADMIN RIGHTS ABUSES bluishift Battlefield4 41 2
by bluishift
Moskito05 ABUSES bluishift Server 19 2
by bluishift
Could you please check the log and tell why I am banned? FearlessPersian Battlefield4 24 1
by Landser_FD
Baseraper and vehicle Stehler Depart33 Server 27 0
by Depart33
plz unban me sh3booo Server 33 2
by MadEagle8